Each of us must be a flower

Even though life offers many challenges,

many burdens,

many sacrifices

and much bitterness


But a generous heart and idealist mind,

Always present a fresh and adorable face

to beautify us

and to beautify life

a beauty which stems from the soul to the body

from the heart to the mind


The fresh, fragrant flowers

offer others feelings of lightheartedness and serenity


Let us, the young people,

bring our enthusiasm and compassion,

to serve life


Let’s live in the way that we, ourselves become

the encouraging words,

the helping hands,

the consoling hearts.

even within our small boundaries.



My dearest,

Whether we are the biggest flower or the smallest,

The most colorful or the plainest,

Whether we are the roses or the gladiolus

Or the simple wild flowers on the road,

None of that matters when we all whole-heartedly commit

To come together to create a garden of all colors and fragrances,

The Garden of Humanity.


Quyên Di - 1969