TT9 is great!!!!!!


TT9 has been so far a great experience for us: we’ve especially enjoyed meeting new friends from around the world like: France, Australia, Canada, and so on. This is actually a very big camp and has so many activities. For example, last Saturday our troop participated in the Ngày Hội Làng. We represented the people of Tây Nguyên who lived  in the High lands of Việt Nam, and we wore black “xà-rong” with colorful shirts. We joyfully danced the “nhảy sập” with other scouts who came to visit our booth. In the evening, we attended the TT9 Opening Ceremony and gladly enjoyed the fabulous Drums performance of the Youth of LaSan. Our troop  contributed a beautiful traditional dance called “Múa Trống Cơm” during which we wore the gorgeous traditional Vietnamese long dresses called “Áo Dài Tứ Thân”. The dance was traditional, yet very modern. Also, we raised money by selling grilled quails, sticky rice, nước hột é, and coffee. We’ve met a lot of new friends, and we’ve told one another so many fun stories. We’re looking forward to playing more interesting and friendship building games that will come also this week.


Girl Scout of Liên Đoàn Việt Nữ
San Jose – California - USA