Today is the first day at TT9. We woke up early; then we went to the San Lorenzo Park in King City.  We had 2 hours driving. That is a long time. We unload our stuff in a beautiful place. But first of all, we need to clear the road and set up the tents. When we finished, we ate lunch that we brought from home. After that, the Australian scouts visited our campsite. They were so funny. Then we met our French neighbors. Their language is so romantic. We had a beautiful afternoon together.
Today we arrived at TT9. When I came, my Dad could not park in the parking lot; so I had to walk around by myself. I felt little scared since I didn’t know where anything was. When I arrived at the site, my troop and I set up the tents. My troop’s leader got a new big tent. So setting up this tent was new and hard. After that, we took a walk. Like a cake trying to escape an oven, I tried to escape the scorching heat. Luckily, I had a spray fan, which alleviated the heat. Afterwards, we changed into our uniforms. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my white Polo shirt. Luckily, my friend Anna had an extra shirt. During the evening, we met another troop and played entertaining games. Clearly, going to TT9 evokes bliss.
Today was the first day at TT9. It was a really busy day. We had to unpack, set up tents. I store all our things for a week. It was also really fun meeting our neighbors for a week. There are three people who came from France. It was really neat to meet them. They even taught us how to speak French. I think it’s  going pretty well. This camp is a very big camp. Many different campsites. The total number of people here is about 3,000 people from around the world. I meet the scouts from Canada, Australia, France, Orange County, and many more. The adults even put up an ethnic house, called “nha` sa`n”. It was amazing. There were even live chicken (baby chicks, though). I think they will catch a lot of attention when we present the house during Ngay Hoi Lang, which will be tomorrow. Before the day ended, we changed our clothes to pajamas, talked a little, and then went to sleep.


Today is Saturday. We have a busy day today. First of all, we need to wear the Tay Nguyen’s traditional dresses. It’s hard to stand up. We came to Nha` Sa`n. They have chickens underneath it. We  stayed there until lunch. While we were there, we met new friends. They were Australian scouts. I knew that their pronunciation is different than ours. And someone interviewed me too; but I forgot her name. In the evening, our Troop performed the “Trong Com” dance. We were so nervous. After that, we ate the fried quails. It was great.

Today was probably one of the best and the worst day. So, I think it was in the middle. The morning began with a half-gloomy breakfast, and a big race. Asian Invasion was a great team. The dress-up game was silly, really silly. The lunch was half-gloomy, but the ice cream made it better. I was yearning for a shower by then. It was until after dinner, but no line! Relief! The afternoon games were fun. I didn’t get wet as much as the others, for we were in Sector 1, but I’m predicting I’ll be soaking tomorrow! The campfire was just amazing. The troop from Texas was great. The skit about “Stereotypes” left me  smiling, especially about “dau xanh”. I missed my home. I mean, the showers are not so great, but I’ll be fine for a week, I hope.


This afternoon I was sopping wet. You never trust the staff members when you play the final water game. The lunch was not as favorable, though. My legs are rather aching, from the last few days, I guess. The showers were way too hot, but I was fine with it.


TT9 was an exciting camp. The activities were great. The food is real good. I saw my cousins. The time when  my troop dance in front of people, I got scared. I made a lot of friends. Our troop’s neighbors taught us how to speak French. Anna and I cap for the people. Asia and Tiffany made jokes. My sister took care of me. My cousin, Chau, cheered me up when I’m sad. Chelsey helps me get my stuff.


Here at TT9, It is my very first jamboree. For the first day, it was actually fun. We got to set up our tents and unload our belongings. We also got to see and meet our neighbors, the French peeps. Later that day, we got to eat lunch and talk. On the 2nd and the third days, we met scouts from Australia, Germany, France, Texas, and more people from San Jose. Girl scouts! Boy scouts! We also play the Passport game. On the fourth day, we had a very fun time doing archery and BB gun shooting. On Archery, I almost got a bulls eyes. In BB gun shooting, it was actually kind of short.