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Khoảng hai năm vừa qua, em bắt đầu bước vào con đường này.  Em đã cảm thấy rất xa lạ, bỡ ngỡ đủ mọi điều, nhút nhát, ngay cả làm quen với những bạn mới, em nghĩ chắc em không thể nào làm được? Nhưng em rất may mắn, đã nhờ sự giúp đỡ của các Trưởng đã support cho em rất nhiều thêm vào đó sự khuyến khích của Ba Mẹ em, nên chỉ trong một thời gian ngắn em đã học hỏi được bao nhiêu điều hữu ích để làm người.

Trên con đường Hướng Đạo, em đã được giao tiếp với các Trưởng, phụ huynh các bạn Hướng Đạo sinh cùng trang lứa với em. Các bạn em đã cùng học hỏi chia sẻ một số chuyện từ trường học vui tươi, tức cười cũng . Em cảm thấy em tiến bộ nhiều khi nói tiếng Việt em rất hãnh diện em người Việt Nam. Ngoài ra, em còn hiểu được sự xử thế nào sai thế nào trái, thế nào trường hợp emergency. cũng nhờ sự giúp đỡ của tất cả mọi người, em đã hội hoàn tất Silver Award. Từ cái Silver Award, đã như một động lực thúc đẩy em tiếp tục làm Gold Award.

Em đã cảm nhận được Hướng Đạo một ngôi nhà thứ hai của em nên em phải cố gắng mang hết những kiến thức đã học hỏi được để giúp đỡ tất cả mọi người.


I enjoy girl-scouting for 4 reasons. I make new friends, have fun, learn about other cultures, and participate in community service.

First, making new friends helps me learn how to communicate, and get along better with others. I learned more about my friend, Tiffanie, by talking to her and introducing myself to her. For example, she told me how old she is, what grade she is in, what she likes, and dislikes.

Second, I have fun camping, singing songs, and playing games. In camping, I learned how to read Morse Code, sing songs, and play games. The games are fun and it seems as though the fun never stops. My troop and I sing songs and everybody has fun.

Third, learning about other cultures helps me connect to the person's way of living. I learn about what they eat, wear, and speak. As an example, my friend, Darlene Luu, is like me because she is Vietnamese. She wears “a'o da`I” on New Year, eats Vietnamese foods, such as: Cha? Gio`, Co?m Chie^n, and Ca`ri, and she speaks Vietnamese.

Finally, participating in community service helps me get merit badges and also helps me with my communication. I learned that I have to be nice when I ask someone to donate something. I also learned to say Thank You to the person, even if he / she did not donate anything.

Clearly, you can see I enjoy girl-scouting for many reasons. Joigning Girl-Scouts is a great way to become a responsible and positive person.


Scouting is fun because I always get the chance for doing a lot of things I was interested in, but I have never done them before. I think scouting makes me feel happy all over. I always love earning merit badges and learning more skills.

There were fun games and creative activities. Sometimes, I get bored of the rules the leaders make, but I still think, “Scouting is fun”. I like playing and doing a ton of things with my Troop. So, if you join a Girl Scouts troop, I hope you have fun a lot and say “Scouting Rocks!” Now, here is a poem for you to hear:


It is everywhere.

Scouting is fun!

It is kind of happiness that shines like a sun.

Its activities can turn around a bun.


Scouting is all around the world. Girl Scouting is my favorite thing to do. We can learn a lot of things from the Girl Scouts activities. I like it because we get to have new friends.

We get to go on lots of trips. We get to play games and learn.

We get to go camping and sleep in tents.


What I think about girl scouts is that it is very fun! You get to go camping, and do lots of fun projects. Girl scouting is the kind of thing that a professional leader teaches you lots of stuffs. One thing that I learned was about different cultures, I also went to a program called “Thinking Day”. On this event, we got to see other people's cultures and try their cultural foods. Our Troop 946 represented France and we offered cream puffs for everybody. That was part of the French culture that we were studying about. We also made a poster describing the country and the French culture. I also think that girl scouting is fun because you get to help other people in many ways like: you could help them water the garden or even baby sit for them. For all this learning experience, I would like to thank my leader, Phuong Trinh. That is what I think about girl scouts.