††††††††††††††††† My Trip in the Bay Area


††††††††† It was a foggy Sunday morning and I was in the car on my way to Daly City for a trip to Mar Vista Stables. I woke up at 8:00AM and was still tired! During the car ride me and my sister were singing to the radio and trying to entertain ourselves. Dang, it was so foggy! I couldnít even see out the window. I couldnít wait much longer! I was sooo excited but nervous at the same time. J What horse was I gonna get? What color? Is it nice? Whatís its name? I got a pretty nice horse, I guess. It was brown with some white and black at a few spots. MY favorite part about it though, is the fact that its name is BUBA! Thatís such a cool name. :DAnyway when we first got there and I stepped out of my car, my nose immediately wrinkled up and I pretty much screamed. IT WAS SO STINKY! I thought I would never get used to it but eventually I did. It was actually really funny to see the peopleís faces that came after my family. ;) HAHA There was quite a few horses that were very big. There were also three ponies. J I played around with the cats and then it was time to get up on the horses. I was the first one up.

-_________________- When I got on the horse the workers gave me a short lesson on how to ride the horse. They said to steer the reins when I wanted to go in one direction and to kick it on the side if I wanted to go forward and to pull backward if you wanted to step back. When some of the other people got on their horses and saw that I was you know, kicking my horse to move it around they yelled at me saying, ďDonít hurt the horse!!Ē But they found out later that they were supposed to kick it.

†††††††††††††† In the beginning it was fun and not that scary but then it got much more terrifying as we went on some hills that seemed like giant mountains to me. There was also a point when my horse tripped on a rock or something that pretty much scared the life out of me. L But I survived. When we got closer to the ground, I was more relaxed and I realized how beautiful the view was. I mean it really was pretty. The scene was a nice beach with some dog owners playing with their dogs. ††††††††††††Finally, we made it to the bottom. J We got to run in the water, but †††††††††††some horses just stayed on dry land. My horse didnít though. He wasnít scared of the water but he was of dogs. -_- The beach was my favorite part of that day except for maybe when I got home, of course. On our way up back to the stables, I had a panic attack and screamed a lot. MY horse panicked to and started running a little bit that of course kinda got me scared even more. Eventually I calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the ride back. The whole time though, I was worried for my parents. I saw my sister a few times during the ride so I knew she was doing fine. When we got back there, I pretty much forgot how to walk. We thanked the workers for the fun experience and got in the car to head over for the picnic at the Golden Gate Park. We rested for a while and ate our sandwiches. YUM Then we went in the Japanese Tea Garden for a little trip. It was nice place as well as a good place for relaxing. Most of the time at the garden was picture time though. My favorite things there were the koi fish, the awesome bridge, the steep stairs, the gift shop and the beautiful nature. On the way back to my car, I was disappointed that the clam chowder truck was closed. But oh well!I had a great time in total and I hope to do them again another time.J YAY!