Dear Dad ,
here are 2 poems from me to you:


Sometimes you can be really mad,                           
Sometimes you can be really glad,
But all the time I want you to know,

What should I do?

What should I do if I lose a shoe?,
What should I do if I spill lots of glue?,
What I should do is to go to you

 Because I love you.






Dear Daddy,


          Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


     I love you a lot because you care a lot for me . You take me to a lot of places like: Great America, Los Angeles, Grand Century Mall, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Town Buffet, TK Noddles, etc. You’ve said you might take me to Vietnam too because I never been there before, and also to Colorado.


     I love you because you let me go to Girl Scouts, camping, swimming, karate, and you will go with me to Trai Thang tien 8, even though Mommy does not really want to let me go. You care for me when I am sick , when I need help with something, and you know how to keep “a secret”. You  pay more attention to me than to any other sister and brother because I am your youngest child .


     I really love you, Daddy. You are very nice too. I just want to say Thank You for all you’ve done for me.


     Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!





Dear Father,


Father, father, oh so dear

You've always been there

Through all of my tears.


Your daughter,




My dad


My dad is so nice to me.
I have fun with my dad.
He taught me how to swim.
He taught me how to ride a bike.
My dad plays with me.
He plays Monopoly with me.
He's the best dad I have ever had








When we were young, you always told us that we should focus on our studies and not playing around if we wanted to prepare for a bright future. In fact, Mom and you believed that education was the key for Success and Happiness. Unlike a lot of parents who choose to work hard to build up a huge fortune in order to pass down to their children, you would rather invest your money in your children’s education so that each of us could get a career, a profession to make a living and to support our own families. I understand that both of you worked very hard to provide us all the comfort and opportunities that allowed us to study well and to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. Although you were not wealthy then, you were determined to invest all your money on us. Mom and you would never purchase luxurious cars or precious diamonds to enjoy yourselves, but you would prefer to pay high tuition fees while sending all of us to the best schools in town.


You took good care of us and paid full attention to our daily activities. You wrote down on the calendar our birthdates, our doctors’ appointments, our annual medical check-ups, our exams, our holidays, etc. I could not figure out how you could keep track of everything at the same time and were able to keep everything running so well that each and every children of yours could enjoy a healthy and happy life. What I remember most about you, Dad, was your faithful presence by my side on my exam days. No matter how busy you were, you always took time off from work to drive me to school and take me home, to make sure I got there on time with a sound body and a fresh mind. On the way to school, you gave me practical advices on how to do successfully my exam. Your calm attitude and your kind attention helped me a lot to overcome my fear and to regain confidence. Years after years with you by my side on those special days, I have become addicted to your “powerful presence” which somehow had a “magical impact” on my exams because I always did them very well. I still recall one of your familiar “tips” when in the car you used to remind me to pray Buddha and our ancestors before going to class, because you believed that they would bless me with confidence and intelligence to do well on my exams.


Because of you, Dad, all my brothers, sisters, and I have received a good education, and as you and Mom expected, all of us now become responsible adults who get a career or a job to support ourselves and our own families. We truly appreciate you both, Mom and Dad, for making all the sacrifices to prepare us for a happy and responsible life. And now that it comes our turn to be parents to our own children, we will teach them the same lesson like you’ve taught us for so many years. Because of you, Dad, we continue to take good care of our children and we wish them all the best for a bright and wonderful future.


Indeed, there were not enough words for me to express my profound gratitude to all the love and sacrifices you’ve dedicated to us. We love you so much and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done to keep us strong and confident in this life full of challenges. Because of you, Dad, we will follow your steps…


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you and I miss you every single day.

                                                                                                  Your daughter, TMP