”Get Moving” Journey



For my “Get Moving” Journey Take Action project, I decided to make little booklets about Energy Saving to donate to the kids at the Community Supportive Housing Center. The title of the booklet was “Save Energy”. Then it showed a picture of a light bulb and around it there were some words about Energy, like: Take shorter showers, turn off the lights when leaving the room, dry clothes in the air and in the sun, use paper groceries bags, etc. By giving the kids those booklets, I would like to share with them the things that I’ve learned about Energy so that they can understand the issue and make some efforts to save Energy.

On the last meeting, Anh AN, some adults, and older girls helped me to make the booklets. Anh AN brought in construction paper and markers, and I brought my design for the paper. I used green paper since it was some boys and girls’ favorite color. Everyone worked together to make the booklets for me. When they finished, the booklets looked different but really amazing.

On the event day, the Older girls served lunch for the residents at the shelter. When people were leaving the dining room after lunch, I gave out the booklets to the kids to read and enjoy. I was really happy to help them out. After having lunch with the Older girls, I went home and snuggled up in my warm bed. If I do some good things, then I will always have a good night sleep. Also, I would like to thank everyone for helping me with this project.