Lunch Serving Reflection Paper


I woke up very early in the morning so, I can get ready to arrive at Kelly’s House. We needed to bake Eclairs, for the Homeless Shelter for our Take Action Project. When I arrived at Kelly’s House (STILL VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING) She was still asleep! She said,” I woke up early at 7 but, I just went back to sleep.” I wasn’t mad at Kelly because I wanted to go back to sleep to. It’s Sunday! We laughed it off and started baking. We first sifted the flour so, we can make the bread part of the Éclair. To be honest, I didn’t know how, I felt extremely embarrassed in front of Kelly and her dad because sifting flours sounds and looks easy and I don’t even know how to or what it looks like when you sift flour! Kelly and Kristine knew how so they taught me. It’s actually easier than I thought. Again, I felt silly for worrying that they will get the wrong impression. After I was done with sifting the flour, we started the chocolate morsels. I was super excited because since I didn’t eat anything that morning, just thinking how the chocolate will SMELL like, LOOK like, it made me incredibly excited and hungry J.Melting the chocolate morsels was extremely easy! But, it was hard to resist licking the chocolate since it smelled SOOO DELICIOSLY AWESOME L.  Kristine then took over, meanwhile Kelly and I, were mixing the bread part of the Éclair. The dough was very hard to mix because it wasn’t exactly “THICK” it was a little bit dense. Meaning you have to have at least a little bit of muscles. Which, sadly, I don’t, exactly … have L. I did mix it though! Luckily or else Kelly will give me a lecture how I’m useless and not doing anything at ALL! Or, so I thought…. Shhhh. In a result, Kelly mixed it again. Then, we placed the mixed dough in pastry bags, which are tools to squirt the dough out nicely. I was exceedingly overjoyed because I always wanted to use a pastry bag to bake. After all of the professional bakers I have seen on television, I get to know how it turns out in person! Instead of watching somebody do the baking J. After we finished baking the batch of puff breads, we mixed the whipped cream, and again we placed it into the pastry bag. Afterwards, we poked holes in the breads with a chopstick! In order to place the whip cream in the bread puff, you need a hole right? It was a very messy step because after you place it in the pastry bag, you need to tie it tightly so the stuff won’t come out. Well……….. that sort of failed terribly. When you press the pastry bag at the top hard, the whip cream will gush out and you have to untie it, place more whip cream in the pastry bag, and start from the beginning again. But, No need to worry since Kelly’s mom fixed it and saved the day J. I guess this is what you call a Supermom huh? ;)Now we needed to place the chocolate on top of the Éclair Puffs. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS EVEN MESSIER.. If you place the melted chocolate on the whip cream which was sticking out of the Éclair puff, it’ll slip down the puff. Therefore, it won’t turn out pretty L. We tried our best so it didn’t really matter at the end because people just ate it and didn’t even care. Honestly, I didn’t care either since I was aiming to get at least one Éclair since everyone grabbed and gobbled a whole bunch. Not that it was bad, I was delighted that people loved the Éclairs. At least, SAVE SOME FOR US!!!! L.


     But, I still enjoyed this whole day J. Although, I still want to continue baking Éclairs with Kelly and Kristine J. I also like to tie my hair up now and allowing Kelly to braid it for me J. I very much disliked the mess of how dirty baking is because you spill the flour here and the chocolate drips there and it is very tiring L.  I also dislike waking up very early in the morning ON SUNDAY. Overall, I had fun J. The meaning for this project is to see how air is not only important to our lives but, very tasty, too. J (Éclair is an airy dessert)

When I met the residents in the homeless shelter, it was exceedingly fun because we shared something in common to talk about, *cough* football *cough*. I also made a friend there because we started to talk about football and before we knew it we were friends J. When they thank me and Kelly for the scrumptious éclairs, I felt extremely overjoyed since we made the éclairs especially for them.