Journey Reflection Paper


††††††††††† For part of our journey award, our Girl Scout troop decided to serve lunch for people at the San Jose Family Supportive Housing center. It was a great and eventful experience for all of us that definitely a lot of hard work, preparation, and patience. Despite all the mishaps and mistakes we might have made, it was a very fun experience and I would love to do something like this again.

††††††††††† Organizing the event was a very big part in our project and also a very big struggle. Our troop worked really hard to find the perfect time, date, place, etc. for our event. Another thing was the planning the actual food and prices. At first, it was a hassle trying to find ways to fundraise and try to get a source of money to buy our meals, we were able to produce a decent amount of money at our noble event and eventually with the help of Chi Phuong, our group was able to provide the meal for homeless families. Food was another important thing we focused on since it was the theme of our journey book so we wanted to show them healthier ways of eating. In the end we were able to serve both healthy and delicious meals for families living in the shelter.

††††††††††† Through all the planning and organization we did, I feel like the girls with the help of our parents and Chi Phuong along the ways, we were able to pull off a very successful event. It felt good to know that our project could help impact the lives of the people living in there. Not only that, but as I was in the shelter, I realized how lucky and grateful I am to be able to have the basic necessities like a bed to lay on, food on my plate, and a roof over my head. Seeing how grateful and appreciative the kids and families were when they had us come made me feel happy inside knowing that I was able to do something good for them. Iím glad I was able to experience this with my scouts and I look forward to doing another event like this sometime in the future. I hope that what we did will encourage other people to do the same and also encourage them to eat healthier and also live healthier.