Journey Award Take Action Project: Reflection

            This past weekend, I got to experience serving food for a homeless shelter and the preparation that comes along with it. I thought it was an amazing process. Although it took a lot of stress and effort to put the event together, but it was all worth it in the end when we got to see the families sitting down enjoying the meal we had prepared for them.

            This was probably one of the best things I had the chance to do in a long time. The planning process was a lot of fun too, the seniors and I got to sit down and plan out everything, budget, meal plan, and all. It was really interesting, I got to experience firsthand what it was like to create an event, all the preparations, following a budget, fundraising, and much more. The reason I thought it was interesting was because I want to major in business, and this really opened my eyes to what needs to be done to create an event (contact and budget. It was interesting when we had to be mature about everything, and discuss all the procedures professionally.

When we got to the shelter, we were all prepared on what we had to do because we had already assigned tasks for everyone. The preparations before everyone came in almost went smoothly except for some minor setbacks, for example: when we couldn’t find someone to open up the service elevator to bring up all the food. Then we had to prepare the food accordingly so that the process of picking up food would be faster and easier. It was easier than we had expected because some of the girls had prepared most of the foods the night before and we had our girl scout leader help us with deciding what we need to do and make more soup in replacement of the pot that had accidentally spoiled.

At around lunch time, people started trickling in a few families at a time. They walked through the buffet line as we handed them a plate of food. A few things we could have done from the start were to ask them if they wanted potato salad on their plate and we should have bought boneless chicken. The majority of the people there threw away the potato salad because of certain preference reasons and not a lot of people picked out the bowls that had soup with bones in them. The potato salad issue was, I think, or biggest mistake, since it was a waste of food when people started to throw their portions away. Other than that it was an easy process.

I really enjoyed this event, and would gladly do it again. My favorite part was when I got to spend time with my girl scouts and also when some of the kids came up to us to thank us personally and compliment our food. I thought it was special because they had this smile on their face that made me feel happy with myself. And it was nice to know that our food was good considering we’re not expert cooks. It was a really fun event and I am glad I did it.