Healthy Living for Family Living, 1/13/2013

After weeks of preparation, planning, and organizing, the senior Juliette scouts has finally finished the, “Take Action” project. For this project, our goal was to serve a healthy and delicious lunch for the homeless people of the family supportive center. Throughout this long process, we separated jobs in which everyone got to take a role on being a leader. We fundraised by selling hot dogs and thai tea at a local school fair and raised about one hundred and fifty dollars. With the money that we raised, we bought the food and necessary items to prepare for this project. Our finalized menu was potato salad, turkey sandwiches, chicken noodle soup and fruit salad. For the total of our groceries, we spent a little over a hundred dollars. Food preparations were made and cooked the night before. Since there was only four, very inexperienced girls, we had to ask for help from a fellow scout mother. She’s a fabulous cook and she made our chicken noodle soup very delicious. The night before our event, we prepared the potato salad, the chicken soup and the fruit salad. The day of the event, we started off our morning pretty bad since one of the chicken noodle soups got spoiled. It got spoiled because it was left out for too long and it became sour from all the fatty acids that ruined the soup. But lucky, we had our troop leader, Phuong Trinh, to help us make a second pot right on the spot. She made it so that it seemed like nothing bad had happened. As the morning went on, we made the sandwiches, and prepared the plates and the spoons for the luncheon. After the couple hours of preparations, it was finally time to serve. In my mind I thought it would have been a rush of people coming in at a time and that it was going to be super hectic. But it was very calm; each family that came in took their turn and was very polite. I loved serving them food, and the turnout was very good since they complimented the quality of the food. Something that really hit me when I was serving the food was that these families are trying to provide food for their kids and themselves. Everyone in that shelter cleaned up after themselves and thanked us for the food. This was truly and amazing experience, and even with all the days of tedious planning and confusion, it was all worth it. Seeing smiles on the faces of the people who enjoyed something as simple was a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It made me thankful for all the things in my life and what is already in front of me. This, for me, was unforgettable.