My eyes felt heavy and I was tired after the long flight to London. My baggage felt one hundred times heavier as our tour group strolled through the airport. London time was eight hours ahead of California and I felt exhausted. Instead of getting some rest when we arrived, we dove right into the tours. Our first destination was Piccadilly Circus. There were busting shops and brilliant street performers. I didnít get much shopping done nor did I get to see Big Ben but I managed to squeeze in a good nap in the park. We then headed to Oxford Street which was a big shopping center filled with big department stores.

††† On the second day, our group started off with sightseeing and we then went to see the Changing of the Guards at the Buckingham Palace. I felt very privileged being allowed to see this inside the gates. After one hour we then headed to the Windsor Castle. It was so beautiful and extraordinary on the inside and out. The tall and big towers towered above us and the inside was decorated with many beautiful paintings and lots of armors and weapons.

†††† Early in the morning our bus arrived in Pax Lodge which was one of the Girl scout World Centres out of the four. We took a tour around the place and visited the shop where we purchased many badges and pins. We then headed to the London Eye which was a giant Ferris wheel that offered a view of the city from 443 feet high. Our last stop of the day was the Jack the Ripper walking tour. Jack the Ripper was a well known serial killer in the Whitechapel District in London. His identity is still unknown but he is still not forgotten today. His murders had the trademark of two slits across the throat and the brutal removing of organs. Although the tale was quite scary, our guide made it quite fun.

†††† The next morning, we woke up very early to leave to Paris. We rode the Eurostar which was a train that took up all the way to France. After our luggage was placed into our hote,l we went to the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. I got some shopping done in some shops near the cathedral. Our bus then took us to the Eiffel Tower. We went all the way to the top and as we exited we became stormed with vendors. Thankfully, our tour guide was able to negotiate a good deal for us; so we purchased many key chains. As we left the Eiffel Tower to the Seine River, we boarded onto the night cruise.

†††† In our last day in Paris, the morning started off with a sightseeing, then the Louvre† Museum which had many famous works of arts such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo. Then we went on a walking tour on the beaches of Paris Plage and ate ice cream in the hot sun. We also squished in some last minute shopping near our restaurant where we ate even though the prices were quite high. That night we packed and prepared for the long bus ride to Switzerland.

†††† Our bus ride took the entire day but it was nice being able to catch up on some sleep and watch a movie. When we arrived in Adelboden, I was taken away by the beauty of Switzerland. The green grass and tall mountains captivated me. Switzerland was so beautiful and peaceful compared to the crowded cities of London and Paris. The hotel was amazing and the food was delicious.

†††† On the second day in Switzerland we woke up quite late which was very nice. We hiked to Our Chalet and explored the World Centre. The rest of the day was spent shopping in the town and going up to the waterfall.

†††† The last day of the trip was spent in Lucerne. We first traveled to Mount Pilatus where we explored the top of the mountain. It was freezing and foggy but the view up and down the mountain was very nice. Next we boated across Lake Lucerne and toured around the city. For dinner, we went to a nice place called the Stadtkeller Restaurant. This place had delicious food and great entertainment filled with yodeling, horn playing, dancing, and flag swinging. It was a very fun and exciting last night.

†††† My trip to Europe was an amazing and unforgettable journey. Iíve learned many things about the people and culture in the countries of England, France, and Switzerland. Iíve also met many new people and have created many memories that I will cherish. I will never forget this experience.