The 2010 Girl Scout/Girl Guide trip to London, Paris, and Switzerland was a truly amazing experience.  I am glad that I chose to go on this incredible journey. It expanded my knowledge of the world and gave me the chance to go places that I would never have imagined of going.

London was the first place that we visited. When we got off the plane, we were off and running, right away. It was actually my birthday so I found it really cool that I got to spend it in London. Our first stop was Piccadilly Circus, where we had some free time to shop and see the sights. That night, we ate at a place called the Hummus Bros. I never had hummus before so when I did, I thought it was ok tasting. It wasn’t bad, or great. Just before we left, I was presented with a mini chocolate birthday cake and everybody sang happy birthday to me. It was really nice and thoughtful of everyone. While at London, we stayed at the St. Giles Hotel. I thought the rooms were pretty nice. However, the lights in the bathroom constantly flickered and it kind of creeped me out but I got over it. Also, while in London, we got to ride the London Eye. The view was incredible and I took lots of pictures. Oh! In addition, we visited Pax Lodge, one of the four Girl Scout World Centers. It was the first center that I visited; so I found it pretty inspirational. We got a tour and got to enjoy scone and tea, which was absolutely scrumptious. The one thing about London that I will never forget is the underground transportation systems. We had to take them in order to get where we wanted. It was terrible at times. A lot of people use it so sometimes they push. Plus, the odor in the subways weren’t very pleasant. Overall, London was a beautiful place to visit.

After London, we took the Eurostar (a train) to Paris. Let me just say our hotel in Paris wasn’t that great. The rooms were really small and don’t even get me started on the bathroom. Everything was so cramped that you could barely even move in there. The sink was about seven inches away from the wall so you had to squeeze through to get to the shower. The shower was so tiny, it could barely fit one person and you could barely even turn in it. Plus, the door was broken so it took five minutes just to close it. Anyway, beside that little… problem, Paris had wonderful sights. We visited the Eiffel Tower and I found it absolutely amazing. I still can’t believe that I was actually there. We went all the way to the top and enjoyed the fabulous view. After that, we went on the Seine River cruise, which was again, beautiful. The next day, we went to the Louvre and saw the famous inverted triangle, the Mona Lisa, and the Venus De Milo. The paintings and statues were astonishing. We also went on a walk along the Seine River and got to see how the locals enjoyed the river. Apparently, the river was their beach – Paris Plage. There were even lounge chairs set out on the sand beside the river. We even got to have frozen yogurt. Yum! We only got to spend two days in Paris, which is good because of the hotel but bad because we didn’t get to see more of the city and not much time to shop. At that point of the trip, I definitely enjoyed Paris more than London.

Our next stop was Adelboden, Switzerland. The hotel there was amazing. The rooms were huge, the beds were comfy, and the bathrooms were perfect. They even had a trampoline out front, a piano room, a game room, and a rock-climbing room! We would go on “adventures” around the hotel after dinner and would have the best time. At Adelboden, we got to visit Our Chalet, another Girl Scout World Center. We had to hike up a very steep hill in order to get there but it was worth it. I can’t believe that I visited two Girl Scout Centers in one trip. That is amazing. Now, there’s only two left: Our Cabana and Sangam. Our Cabana is a possibility but I doubt that I will go to Sangam. Then again, I never thought that I would get to Pax Lodge and Our Chalet either. After Adelboden, we went to Lucerne, Switzerland. There, we went to Mount Pilatus and then a cruise on the Lucerne River. Switzerland was by far the most beautiful place that we visited, and my favorite.

All in all, the trip was incredible and I am so happy that I was able to participate in it. If I could, I would definitely go again. J