††††††††††† Our troop was invited to Career Day event, that taught us about starting our own businesses and different career paths to choose from. I was able to see 4 wonderful and successful women sharing their stories and giving advices on how they became who they are today. This opportunity opened my eyes to a whole new world of business. Overall, I think the presentation about Careers was a great success!


††††††††††† First, Aditi explained what factors made up a good business, starting with having a practical idea that is worth the money, time and also the production. She made a very good point and was clear with her power point, and overall had a good presentation. I liked it a lot and learned very much from it.


††††††††††† I was actually honored to be in front of the 4 woman giving their stories and journey from since they were teenagers to where they are today. They gave us girl scouts and some parents too, their personal advice, and if its one thing I learned, is always keep focus on your goal, even if it means writing it down with paper and pen, just set your mind to it. One of the guest speakers urged students to keep their mind open to new things, especially in college. Another thing I learned was, even with all the pressure and competition in todayís society, itís always important to keep a balance with study and just be a regular kid. The guest speakers didnít become successful sitting on the couch half the time, they pushed and pushed, kept their mind open to new things and tried over and over again.


††††††††††† I donít think Iíll forget what I learned that day, it was truly inspirational and taught me that hard work does pay off. The organization was great and the speakers made a great impact on me and the future decisions Iím going to make. I hope everyone else enjoyed the presentation as much as I did.