On Career Day, I learned great things. I learned what I need to make a business. First, you have to have a very great idea. Then, you need the money to create the product. Lastly, sell the product.
    For the first speaker, Priya Huskins, She went to Harvard to study the law; she had practiced the law for for fifteen years. When she decided she wanted children, she had to work less hours so, she went and got a job of the insurance business. She taught me to be ready to reinvent myself. She also taught me to focus on how to archive the goal.
    The second speaker, Ruth Lutes, is the Senior Vice President of Customer Care and Quality. Ms. Lutes holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Colorado. She also taught me to reinvent myself. At first, she studied chemistry but, she liked taking care of people more; that's why she became the Senior Vice President of Customer Care and Quality.   
    The third speaker, Beth Griffin, is a Program Manager of Apple. Beth Griffin went to San Jose State University for four years. She had a learning disability but, that didn't stop her in accomplishing her goal. Also, she told me in order to do my future job well, I need to pay attention and do the job really well.
    My most favorite speaker was Judge LaDoris  Hazzard Cordell. Judge Cordell is a 1971 graduate of Stanford Law School. She practiced law in East Palo Alto, California for five years. On April 13, 1982, Governor Jerry Brown appointed Ms. Cordell to the Municipal Court of Santa Clara County, making her the first African American woman judge in all of Northern California. What she told me was to get college internships in order for me to get a job easier.
    After the Career Day Event, I learned a lot from the four speakers. First of all, I learned to focus on my goals. Then, I learned I can reinvent myself. Next, in order to do the job well, I need to pay attention. Lastly, I need to get college internships in order to get a job easily.