Last week I had a chance of experiencing Lien Doan Viet Nuís 5-year anniversary Camp. At first, as bad as it sounds, I was a bit skeptical on what would happen, wasnít sure about the camping trip and I wasnít too excited to be giving up my summer time for a camping trip. Boy was I wrong, because I had such a blast at Mount Diablo! I learned so much about scouting and the meaning of it. Lien Doan Viet Nu has grown stronger and stronger throughout the years and the camp has taught me so much.


††††††††††† Arriving at the campsite, I was sort of traumatized from that horrific car ride up the mountain. Despite that, setting up the tents was like refreshing my memory since itís been forever since I set a tent. Later came assembling our camp gate, as tired as we were, we still managed to get the camp gate up, well, kind of. The day was pretty exhausting, but it ended with the parents putting on such a great campfire show! I went to sleep a happy camper!


††††††††††† The 2nd day there was probably the most memorable. The troop and others got to see the flag ceremony and congratulate Kim on her way to college. We got to acknowledge our parents and leaders, because without them, our 5 years wouldíve never come this successfully. Also, we had games and relays to play against the other patrol and it showed me how important teamwork is in games and competitions. During the cooking contest, teamwork and communication was necessary. And with that, we won first place in the cooking contest! At the very end of the day, it was felt great to just get together with everyone have a wonderful campfire show.


††††††††††† In all I was in for a treat, although I thought it was just going to be another camping trip; but I was very wrong. I canít wait to grow as a person, and a scout with this troop. I hope to see our troop grow together and bigger! Happy 5 years Viet Nu! 5 years down, and 50 more to go!