For our fifth anniversary of Lien Doan Viet Nu we were having our camp at Mt. Diablo State Park. I was really excited and pumped up; especially since we were going to have a competition and be awarded prizes! When we first set out for camp, it seemed like a long and scary car ride because we were so high up.

     When we finally arrived at the campsite, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful view. If you stood in the parking area you could see the entire city lit by the sunset. After admiring the view for a bit, we unpacked all our things and set up. Shortly after, our troop had dinner. It was a peaceful night and we all went to our tents and slept.

     On our second day we woke up pretty early. It was competition day too. My favorite part of the day was the competition and the campfire we had that night. Our patrol was full of spirit and enthusiasm and we were all ready. We won some of the games but our big victory was in the game All Over. Our team pulled in first, even though we were initially behind halfway through the game. The next competition was the cooking contest. I think my team had great teamwork and we pulled together a really nice meal, besides the fact that our noodles were dry. Our campfire was really fun that night. Colette shared a game with everyone and it involved dancing and it was hilarious. Our last item was the skit that we came up with and I really liked it. It was a long and fun-packed day and I slept pretty well through the night.

     In the morning of our last day I was woken up from our tent shaking. I went back to sleep thinking that it was someone pulling a prank but it wouldn’t stop. Eventually our tent collapsed on one side and it became really difficult getting all our things out. And outside, plates and trays were flying around everywhere and the parent had to run around like crazy to get them back. Also, the wind made it really hard for us to pack our tents back up and parts of our tent were ripping and some of the poles were bent. Regardless, we got our things all packed up, and then began our closing ceremony. Because it was Father’s Day, we had a little tribute to our dads and it was really adorable. We all shared our thoughts and opinions about camp. Everyone soon left, except for our troop, because we were cleaning up the campsite. Dead, exhausted and dirty, I knocked out on the car ride home!