††††††††††† So this camping trip with the girl scouts was the first camping trip for me. I thought it was actually fun. Except it had some things I didnít like. I was really nervous in the beginning and it was really tiring, but I got use to it. So far, this has been my favorite camping trip. Even though itís my first!

††††††††††† When I first got to the camping site, I thoughtÖ wow; this place is actually really beautiful even though there were a lot of bugs and trees. I never really learned how to build a tent even though I did it once. It was very confusing and hard, but we got it up. I didnít like the bathrooms though. The first day there, it was really tiring. The food was really good! After we ate, the campfire was really fun and funny. But I really liked the view the most. At night, it was so pretty. Then, the tents werenít really comfortable because we were all falling off the hill and there were rocks underneath. But I was so tired, so I didnít really notice it that much.

††††††††††† The second day was even more fun. The ceremony was long, but worth it, even though it was really hot. Then, the hike was really fun. But the ride up to the Summit was even more fun because the view was so amazing and beautiful! And when we came back, I was really tired, but we had to do the games and contests which I thought was fun too. The charades, popping the balloons, relay games, and the tossing the rice bags was really fun but also competitive. The cooking contest which I thought was stressful because the parents were pressuring us and making us really nervous, but the cooking contest was still one of my favorite events! Then after that, the campfire was really fun too. The smores were my favorite food so far at camp.

††††††††††† The last day at camp was so tiring and sad. It was tiring because at night, it started to get too windy, so no one really could sleep. Then our tents fell apart and it was hard to put them back because of the wind. I was sad and relieved at the same to time to go home. I actually learned to love this camp and I was use to it, but I really missed being home. And when the ceremony for the awards began, I was really nervous; we won the cooking contest though! I was proud for both teams.

††††††††††† I really liked camping with the girl scouts because it made us closer and it was a really good experience. I hope we get to go camping more!