The camping trip to Mt.Diablo was fun but quite scary. The ride there was exhausting, scary, painful, and surprising to me. I felt uneasy because I tend to get carsick very easily. Unfortunately, I was sitting at a window seat that showed me the whole view from up there. I WAS TERRIFIED! When we finally got there I calmed down and put the cup I was holding away (I was holding it for just in case I need to barf (carsick) since I was feeling uneasy).


††††††††† When I was happy and about to set up my patrol tent (Iím in patrol 1!), bugs started flying around us; which I hated. The food was good and the games were especially fun! Trying to sleep was a challenge but soon I grew tired and fell asleep. I was really surprised when on Sunday morning the day we were leaving camp ( We stayed for 2 nights), the wind was blowing really crazily!


†††††††††† I woke up to the wind blowing so hard! At first it wasnít so bad but then after a while it broke our tent! We changed and packed as fast as we could and put our things in the car. We did our ending ceremony and got our prizes before we left. All together, I think the trip was a great experience with fun adventures. FUN!