I think overall, the camp was fun. I got to spend time with my friends. My favorite part during the whole trip was the nights where we had símores, we saw the city night lights from our camp site, taking light pictures and talking a while before going to sleep. My least favorite part was when we went on the hike and I fell down. The cooking contest was fun, but very stressful, the guestís kids were persistent and demanding on what they wanted to do which stressed us out even more because we had to find them a job that they could do, but they would end up complaining about how easy their job was. We were scared on making mistakes since the parents and guests were watching and commenting on our every move. I think it would have been fun watching over the parentsí competition and judging their every move. I thought it was fun though since I enjoy cooking. The games were okay, some were hard to do since it was difficult doing the more physical games, and some of the games like popping the balloons with your back were hard since the balloons were really small. The camp site had a nice view, but it also had too many bugs and the bathroom was close so we could always smell it. One thing that I didnít like was how we had a dress code (we had to wear scout uniform or troop shirt the whole day) I thought that we shouldíve been able to wear comfortable clothing while hiking or non-ceremonial (flag ceremony etc.) activities.Símores and campfire time was fun, but it would have been better if we had a real campfire and símores on both nights. Where our tent was located, there were a lot of rocks, which made it bumpy and hard to sleep at night. I thought that the hiking trip was okay. Overall the trip was pretty fun, I love spending time with my Girl Scout friends. I hope to go camping (or other places) with them again.