From June 17 Ė June 19, 2011, I went to Lien Doan Viet Nuís 5 year camp, and it was really something to remember.Hanging out with everybody and realizing how long itís been together. Most troops would think 5 years is nothing, but with all the struggles and obstacles our troop has been through it really is something to appreciate. During the camp I really reminisced about all the memories that LDVN has given me, from speaking in front of a large crowd to traveling across the world together.We did a lot of activities during the camp; but the things that I liked most were the games/activities, and the trip up to the mountain.

††††††††† The thing I loved most was the games because it showed out weaknesses and strengths when we worked as a patrol. The first game was the charades game which was super hard because I suck at explaining stuff; but it was funny how people would interpret thing differently than I would. The second game was the balloon game. We had a balloon tied to our ankles and our patrol had to pop the other team and vice versa. I liked this game more than charades because it was more on the physical side than mental thinking. My patrol got vicious! Only two people got popped and the other team got popped.Go Hoa Mi! Every time we did that chant our team would scream really ďSaíngĒ really, really loud! The whole camp looked petrified. Even Anna, our patrol leader, jumped a little! The next game was the throwing game. Each patrol got 5 sacks full of sand and we had to throw it to a target and the closer you got to the target, the more points you get. Every time somebody in our patrol got 100, which was right smack in the center, we would all scream and go crazy, especially when a little kid did it. In the end, they didnít tell us the score. But I had a good feeling we won! The last game was an obstacle course! We had to balance a ball on top of a stick, walk to a table, then try to balance a ping pong ball on chopsticks, run around a fireplace, go back to the table, and blow all the white balls while trying not to knock the orange one. Then after everybody was done, the team had to go in pairs. The pair had to hold a balloon with their backs and walk to the table and back, and at the end they have to try to pop it. It was funny seeing the little kids get competitive and go race and there would be no unison. So one kid would be dragging the other, it was really funny. In the end Hoa Mi won. Whoo!After the games, there was a cooking contest! I wasnít really strong in that field so it was kind of hard. We were cooking chow mein and it was really hard since there were so many bugs around us. But at the end I thought our finished piece was delicious! Except the judges ate the dry noodles at the top, when they should have eaten at the bottom where all the juices were! We lost that competition but in the end we won for best patrol!

††††††††† The last highlight was the drive up to the mountain. Going up was hard especially for my dad because heís scared of heights. He was shaking and sweating but I donít blame him. I would be scared too! There were so many bikers that every time we turned a corner I was scared we might hit one. When we got there, there were so many bugs! Not like cockroaches or mosquitoes, but like butterflies other flying creatures. It was kind of scary but kind of nice when they werenít touching you or near you. The bathrooms were under this platform thing and it was NASTY. I liked the one in our camp more, which is FILTHY. Thinking about it gives me the jibbies.The view was amazing from there! We were about 3,500 feet up and I could see San Fransico! I think it was an achievement for my dad to go up the mountain because it wasnít something he would usually do. At the end it was all worth it. The troop took pictures, went to the gift shop, then the museum, then took more pictures, then left

††††††††† At the end of the camp it got us all a lot closer. Like every other camp, we got to spend time with each other. We got to see each other at our worsts, early in the morning or drooling/ snoring at night, and at each otherís best! Being in Lien Doan Viet Nu has really changed me for the better. Before I was a stubborn, mean, stupid girl and now Iím the same but a lot nicer with much more confidence! J I canít see myself not being a scout or helping out. Because once a scout, always a scout.5 years and going!I love you Lien Doan Viet Nu!