As we arrived on our first day of camp, it only consisted of getting comfortable, eating dinner, and enjoying the adultsí talent show.So the biggest/ busiest day was the second day.After everyone woke up, got ready, and ate their breakfast, we just waited around until the flag ceremony. Most of the older scouts tried to catch up on sleep because they woke up at approximately 6 am, the younger scouts played around the camp site. We also went on a short hike to explore the area we were camping in. When the flag ceremony started, it was hot but it was a very joyous occasion. Iím so proud to be a part of this troop & I hope I can watch this troop grow stronger. And speaking for the rest of the troop, everyone is going to miss Kim.She is our big sister, or sometimes even our mother! I hope for the very best in life & the rest of her future.ďKIM, YOU BETTER VISIT.Ē - Anna Cao.After the flag ceremony, most of the campers drove up about ten to see this beautiful view from the very top of a mountain! The trip up was so scary, I was afraid of heights & looking down was not a good idea. But we made it up there and it was all worth it. You could see the whole bay area. I bet itíd look better at night with all those city lights, but I donít know if I can handle driving up there in the dark. Once we got back to the camp, we ate a delicious BBQ lunch prepared by Bac Phu.

And then, THE GAMES BEGAN! I was one of the patrol leader, and I couldnít be any more proud of my patrol! During the patrol yell, my patrol yelled out so loud! It made my heart race, but it got the time excited & ready for the games. The game was probably one the top three highlights of the camp! I loved it, and everyone had so much fun. The cooking contest was supposed to be the main game. But to be totally honest, I was really disappointed. The cooking contest, the girls were to cook something that they were unfamiliar with. Of course, everyone tried their best & waited for judging. The judging had it perks & downers. Unfortunately, my patrol lost. But everyone worked so hard and Iím still very proud. After that the girls provided the talent show portion for the night. We had jokes, games, singing, & a skit, telling the story of the 5 years of LDVN becoming what we are now. Wrapping up the skit, we had smores! And before the older fell asleep for the night, we wrote our names with flashlights in the dark! It was really pretty. When we woke up from that long day, the winds were going crazy. I thought something was attacking us! The wind was so strong that it broke one of the tents. But it didnít ruin the happiness of that day. Because the closing ceremony, my patrol won the best patrol award! I canít help scream a little. I was very happy! And before everyone left the camp site, we picked up the trash we saw on the groundÖ plus the older girlsí last game of thirteen on the benches. (=

This camp brought happiness, love, & strength to the troop. Thank you, Chi Phuong, for never giving up on us. Letís watch this troop grow until the 10th year anniversary, and so on.