To begin, I would like to say that this camping trip is my first time going with Lien Doan Viet Nu and this is my second time camping.  Also, this is my first time camping at Mount Diablo.  Let me tell you something important, the worst part of the trip was that there were millions of bugs there and it was very scary when you look down from the mountain.  Plus, it wouldn’t have been fun without my cousins Alice, Stacy, and a girl I just met, Lynn.  She is very nice and she is pretty cool to hang out with.  I would like to talk more about her, but I am going to tell you more about the camp.

          On Friday, everyone that was going camping, except for Chi Phuong and her family, met at Alum Rock Youth Center at 2:30pm and left at 3pm.  During the long trip, I was listening to music the whole hour.  Later, we got to Mount Diablo around 4pm.  The first thing we did was to set up our tent.  There were two large tents because we split up into two different patrols.  I was in Judy’s patrol.  After that, we worked on the camp gate.  When we were working, we saw a raccoon eating out of the garbage can.  When there was nothing else to help with, I played a soccer game with my cousins Alice, Stacy, their cousin, Huy, and their dad.  For dinner, we had some yummy spaghetti that the moms made.  Later again, I saw another raccoon and this one was on the grass, near our tents.  At night, the adults held a performance and some games for us.   Later at 10pm, we got ready to sleep.  I think I slept around midnight.  The ground was really rocky but I got used to it and it was sort of hard to sleep because the rocks were very bumpy. 


The next morning, we had to wake up at 6 in the morning and it was very tiring for me because I don’t usually wake up this early and the earliest I ever woke up was 7:00am and that is an hour later.  After breakfast we went hiking a little, and we visited a small museum on top of the mountain and took some pictures. Then we went back to the camp to eat lunch. Bac Phu and other dads made some delicious BBQ beef and chicken for us. After that, my cousins, their friends, and I played soccer and then we helped Anh An blow up the balloons and the beach balls for the games.  Then, it was time to play the games.  On my patrol were Judy, Colette, Tina, Nancy, Lynn, Vivian, T-K, Stacy, Leann, and me.  And on the other patrol were Anna, Asia, Tiffany, Kelly, Kristine, Shelley, Alice, Stacy, and Nathan.  Well, as you can see, Stacy’s name is on both team because first she was on my team, but the other team realized teams were uneven so then she went to the other team.  She betrayed us!  Around 4pm, I had to leave because I had to go to a wedding.  It was very tiring because my family and I were tired of the camping and plus we had to go to a wedding which is more tiring.  We got home around 5pm and the wedding started at 6pm.  Good thing we made it in just in time. 

  Now you know what happened during my camping trip with Lien Doan Viet Nu.  Most of all, I had an awesome time there.