I learned a lot from the Interest Project about camping. First off, I learned about starting a fire. There are three ways to set up one’s firewood: A-Frame, Teepee, and Cabin. Once the wood is set up in place, the match can be lit. In addition, a skill I learned was tying knots. There are many different types of knots: square knot, bowline, clove hitch, figure eight, taut line, and more. These knots can be used during certain activities, and some can save your life. Furthermore, I learned about using a device known as a compass. This will help find the direction one is looking for. If one were to get lost, the compass would be necessary. Then, there is an emergency shelter. When there is a situation- like lightning- and one is far away from a safe place, an emergency shelter would be needed. To make this, it requires sticks, rope, and a blanket. If one went hiking and didn’t have sticks at the time, then one could use sticks from trees. Lashing would be an important skill to use for the emergency shelter. Lastly, there is outdoor cooking. If one were out camping, there wouldn’t be any stove or oven; hence, using nature is how to make food. The element of fire is required. Using the skill of making a fire, one would cook over the open fire. If one wanted to bake something, then the use of a box oven is necessary. Simply fill the inside of a box with aluminum and put it over the item one wants to bake. Then, basically wait for the sun to heat up the item and then out comes a masterpiece. Clearly, this Interest Project helped me learn the skills in order to survive in the outdoors.


Family Living

The interest project on Family Living was very important. First of all, it taught me that my family is important, and that I am a part of it. For example, sometimes, I have to take care of my brother. I feel really responsible because sometimes, my parents are busy and I have the job to look after my brother. Additionally, I can help my mom or dad cook meals to eat. It may not seem much, but I think it is a big responsibility; to cook for a family of four. Lastly, I sometimes clean up around the house when I have free time. When I complete this task, it lifts the work load off my mom. Then, we have more time to spend as a family. Therefore, this interest project was an important learning experience for me.



Girl Scouting- It's so great. The best thing is sharing it with my friends. When people say Girl Scouts, it makes them think of earning badges. Well as for me, my opinion is different. Girl Scouts for me is about learning new things and making new friends. Now, I'll tell you my experiences. I love it when a new girl joins in our troop! I want people to like me, so I always step right up and introduce myself. It always make a new friend do the same thing. In the end, we're all friends. Next, we'll move on to about being shy. When I'm shy, I always be myself. This advice always works. One easy step. One easy way to face your problems. People will accept the way you are. Now we'll move on to memories. For example, my vest. It holds badges, and badges hold memories. When I look at a badge you earned, it'll make me think about the goals I've accomplished. Right now, I'm accomplishing my good deed journals. Each day, I write down 1 good deed I did. As you can see, I love Girl Scouts. I have many more things to say, but maybe sometime later. Ciao for now!


Invitation to the Dance


The Invitation to the Dance interest project helped me with some of my skills. To begin with, I had the courage to step out onto the stage and perform an item. An example would be the “Trong Com” my troop and I performed at Thang Tien 9. We had to dance in front of many troops from across the United States and from other foreign countries. At first, it seemed to be a challenge to start making a move, but with a little courage and determination, we were able to show what Lien Doan Viet Nu was made of. Furthermore, the interest project helped us work as a team. For instance, the High School Musical Dance “We’re all in this Together” was mostly created as we went along to the song. It took the whole troop to create the song, and it took the whole troop to perform the song. Obviously, this interest project assisted me with my talents.


What I’ve learned about Camping



     One of my first Interest Projects was the Camping one. In the project we went out to camp with our entire troop. We learned a lot about nature and got to explore. We also used our newly learned camping skills such as; being able to create a fire, tie knots and set up our tents. I also learned about being prepared in case of an emergency and preserving and protecting nature and the environment around us and we learned many different ways to cook food.
     The first thing I learned through this camping experience is to always be prepared or organized and use our resources wisely. Out in the wood and in nature there will always be a limited amount of resources and they shouldn’t be wasted. One of the fun things I got to see was about first aid and what to do incase of an emergency. I saw how everything came together; the makeshift slings and bandages out of simple items. As our troop was leaving and cleaning up the campsite I also learned a very important thing. It is very important to protect the environment around us and clean up after ourselves.


Invitation to Dance



     I had a lot of fun doing this Interest Project. In this project we did the Trong Com dance with our troop to an huge audience at TT9. We practiced this dance for months just to prepare and wore a beautiful dress for our special performance. When we danced on stage we had to be very courageous and strong.
     With this project I learned how to be courageous and strong because it was very difficult to dance in front of a big audience but we had a great time doing it. While I was doing this traditional dance I learned a lot about the Vietnamese culture and I liked the traditional dress we got to wear. I got to do a lot of choreography and it was hard at first but we got the hang of it and it felt great being able to do such a nice dance.




           For the “ Family Living ” interest project . I proved to myself that I could be a leader in my family. For this project I learned what it was like to be the mom or dad in the family . I saw their roles in my life , and learned from it and will probalay use it when I have my own family. The girl scout laws that I used for this interest project was repect myself and otheres , responsible for what I say and do , and respect authority . These laws are important to be a leader , I must know how to take care of myself before I do so to others . I have to learn and know to think before I talk and I must listen to people around me , just in case its important .