I like girl scouts because we often go on trips like skiing, ice skating, sledding, and camping. We go camping and we explore stuff like poison oak in the woods. We learn how to make fire and to be brave. We go skiing because itís fun. We sell cookies so that we can raise money to go to places. Indeed, I really like girl scouts.  


(Kim D.)

When the sun is high and wind is low,

The scouts are there to pitch their tent.

If the scouts take a walk in the forest so sallow,

The trees give a wave of content.


Tying knots is a useful thing,

They tie the stakes together.

They keep the tent from falling.

Those skills are valuable forever.


Leadership is your lifelong pal,

It is the guiding light to succeed.

If you use it correctly and give your all,

People will listen and help you proceed.


Responsibility lives in a difficult grove,

Itís hard to keep and easy to lose.

But if you put it together and move,

Youíll be the first to get in your shoes.


Time is the best of all,

It can never be gained or lost.

But life is so short and thereís no time to stall,

Go live your life with scouting the most!




††††††††† I like Girl Scouts. Itís fun. I meet new friends. Learning new things is also very fun. There are friends to play games with. When I learn new things, I can get smarter.

I love the games we play in scouting. Itís very fun! I can share new games that I learned at scouting to my friends and neighbors. We learned the game Hide Seek. Then I meet my neighbors, and we play the game in one of my neighborís house. It was a blast! We also played Lava Monster.

I love visiting other places. I can see new and cool things. That way I can discover the world and learn about other cultures. When I visited UC Berkeley with my troop on Cal Day, I was greatly impressed by the beautiful architecture of the libraries, stadiums, and halls. I guess I should apply to that school when Iím older.

I love camping; especially, I love the plants and animals. One time we went camping in Fremont Peak. We hiked to the top of Fremont Peak with a Boy Scout troop. We went to the Observatory and learned about the stars, moons, galaxies, and our solar systems. Then I got to see the moon and Jupiter on this huge telescope they had in the Observatory. We also camped in the backyards of our Girl Scout friends. When we camped in Yen Nhiís backyard, we baked a sponge cake, went swimming, and had a fun talent show. We learned about the constellations that appear in the sky. Then at night time, we went outside to look at some constellations. I found the Big Dipper and the North Star.

Girl Scouts is one of the best activities on my list of activities. We have lots of fun and learn the values of life. We learn our duty to help make this world a better place. This is why I like Girl Scouts a lot!!!


(Kim T.)

The past three years of scouting has been a life changing time for me. Iíve met many new friends and learned many useful skills in life. Because of scouting, Iíve become more open and willing. When I was a Cadette, I was very shy and was not very active in our scout meetings. But now becoming a Senior girl scout, Iíve taken the role of a Senior Patrol Leader.


By far, the Cadette Camporee was the best activity Iíve ever attended.During the trip, I met other girls my age and built new friendships. I learned many new camp songs that were enjoyable to sing. The best part of the trip was the High Ropes course. It was scary at first; but afterwards I overcame my fear of heights. I hope to attend the Camporee this year as a volunteer.


Some skills that I learned from scouting are tying knots and fire building. Knots are useful in pitching up tents, saving peoplesí lives, and also just simply tying things together. Fire building is quite difficult, but fun too. Making a fire is useful for cooking during camping trips.


††††††††† Scouting is very fun and I hope to learn more things as I continue to be a girl scout.




Girl Scouts is a fun learning experience. It gets us ready to live in the nature and in the society. One reason is that girl scouts have camporees during which we learn what to do when we live outdoors and when we go camping. In addition, the girl scouts host many events, such as Thinking Day. To prepare for these events, we learn how to host parties and ďthink like a MomĒ. For example, every Christmas and Thanksgivings, our Troop have a party and each of us has to contribute something and plan ahead. Moreover, we have a lot of fun. Girl Scouts is such a great program.



(Colette P. Khoa)

Girl scouting is an incredible experience. We go on camping trips, ski trips, go to sleepovers, backyard overnights, do community service, and much more. We also get a lot of opportunities to plan events and parties, to sell Girl Scout cookies; and best of all, to make new friends. We learn a lot from our activities and from completing interest projects and merit badges. We also learn new skills such as: first aid, knots, cooking, and playing games.

One of my favorite events was the Macyís Valley Fair Sleepover. Some Older Girls and I were volunteers. We helped passing out the T-shirts to everyone who attended the event. There were about 2,000 girl scout participants and a lot of adult leaders and volunteers.In the evening, we walked around the mall and visited the stores that were open late. There was a dance party and a pizza party at midnight. They also showed movies at around 1:00 a.m. We all slept around 3:00 a.m. In the morning after we woke up, we had cinnamon rolls and orange juice/milk for breakfast and then we went home. That day, I was so tired that I almost slept the entire day, but I still had tons of fun. I learned to always smile and be kind when working and talking with other people.

I also like to go on camping trips and go to backyard overnights and sleepovers. The girl scouts work together to plan the menu, the games, and other activities. Sometimes, we celebrate our birthdays during these events. Most of the time, we cook our own food and have a campfire and roast marshmallows. During sleepovers, we sometimes watch a movie and eat popcorn. During backyard overnights, we play a lot of fun games and activities. We learn a lot and have lots of fun in Girl Scouting.




Girl Scouting- It's so great. The best thing for me is sharing it with my friends. When people say Girl Scouts, they usually think of earning badges. Well as for me, my opinion is different. Girl Scouts for me is about learning new things and making new friends. Now, I'll tell you my experiences. I love it when a new girl joins in our troop! I want people to like me, so I always step right up and introduce myself. It always makes a new friend do the same thing. In the end, we're all friends. Next, we'll move on to about being shy. When I'm shy, I just try to be myself. This advice always works. This is one easy step and one easy way to face your problems. People will accept the way you are. Now we'll move on to memories. Letís talk about my vest, for example. It holds badges, and badges hold memories. When I look at a badge Iíve earned, I think about the goals I've accomplished. Right now, Iíve been working on my good deed journal. Each day, I write down 1 good deed I did. As you can see, I love Girl Scouts. I have many more things to share with you; but may be sometime later. Ciao for now!




†††† Girl scouting is fun because you learn lots of things. So far, Iíve learned that selling girl scout cookies is not just for fun; but it is also learning how to communicate, to raise funds in order to save your parentsí money by paying for the camping trips, and other things too. Iíve learned that when you sell cookies, you never sell to strangers, you never go into their houses, and you donít bring your money with you everywhere you go. Iívelearned to tie knots, but I donít recall their names at all.

I love the fact that girl scouting is fun in lots of ways. It is fun because you do those things with friends. Everyone is really nice and tries to make friends with you when you are new; and everyone is your friend forever. The fun in girl scouting will always be there because of kindness. Learning new things makes girl scouting fun and makes you want to be there. You have more fun than you think you will ever have. Your favorite people are your troop leaders.

Iíve also learned that you should be thankful for what you have, and not to abuse it. Your mom gave you life from her blood. You are lucky and you should be very thankful to your parents who take good care of you. There are a lot of less fortunate people that donít even have a little house and nothing to eat at all. Girl scouting has made me think about the less fortunate, and what I have and they donít.

Now I understand that I need to repay my parents by helping them do things every day; which makes me so happy. Even though I only do one little good deed every day, I know it helps them a lot. Iíve learned so much from girl scouting and I believe that I have a lot more to learn. I know that my parents are very happy because I have learned a lot, and because girl scouting is not a waste of time and money. It is better for me than just sitting around doing nothing; and the most important part is to have fun and learn while you are having fun. I hope that one day every girl will get a chance to go to girl scouts and learn every day just as I have thanks to the money donated from so many people. I think that girl scouts is the best place to learn. I am thankful for everything that Iíve learned and I am thankful to my mom for bringing me to girl scouts.




I have joined Girl Scouts for two and a half years. Each year the games, activities and events usually change. They are very fun and exciting. Many projects, activities, and games that I enjoy also allow me to earn merit badges. One badge I have earned is the Sew Simple. I sewed one patch to the back of my uniform. I have learned a lot of things in Girl Scouting. Iíve learned what to say to sell Girl Scout cookies, what not to say. Iíve learned how to use thread and needle to sew badge on my Girl Scout vest, and how to make a doll. When I attended the Camporee, I learned how to build a camp fire, how to prepare myself for different weathers. One exciting event I went last year was our ski trip in Lake Tahoe. I am having fun time with other Juniors, Cadettes, and I enjoy them a lot.

I am thankful for being a member of Girl Scouts.