Last month I went to Hidden Falls for the Service Unit 21 Camporee. I learned how to make a fire by building a log cabin structure. After that we went to another training section. We learned outdoor manners, which is how to respect the nature. Another course showed us how to dress properly for summer and winter. We had a relay race during this course. Our objectives were to put on four articles of clothing and run to the finish line and back.

Then we went to lunch. The cadettes made yummy food. Yennhis mom also sent us some good food. After lunch, we met our team again for the first aid training. We also learned how to tie rope. It was fun. Then we went back to our campsite to clean up and prepare for dinner. We had rice and salmon that night.



(Stefanie LĐ Việt Nữ - San Jose CA USA)

Going to camp at Hidden Falls was fun. I met a lot of different troops. The camp taught us many different things. One thing I learned is Outdoor Manners. Most people like to litter, make a mess, and do other bad things to nature. But the girl scout leaders taught us many things we should do when were outdoors. Another thing we learned was how to dress for the weather. An example is to wear light clothing in the summer and warm clothing in the winter. Then we learned how to build a fire and we had a competition. We were supposed to burn a rope first. My team burned the rope first using the log cabin method. After learning, we took a break and ate lunch. We washed the dishes after we had finished eating. It was very fun.

Then we learned how to tie knots. I learned the square knot and bunny knot. I thought it was a little easy. After that, we learned how to make muffins with a box oven. Every girl got a job. I poured the batter in the muffin pan. We ate the muffins and they were delicious. Last, we learned about first aid. The girls and I made our own kits too. It contained two band aids, a Q-tip, and some gloves. After we left, I started missing the camp because I learned so much and I had so much fun.



(Stefanie LĐ Việt Nữ - San Jose CA USA)

(Translation by TMP)


Đi trại Hidden Falls thật l vui. Em gặp gỡ được nhiều đon khc v học hỏi được rất nhiều điều. V dụ như em học về Cch Sống Ngoi Trời. C rất nhiều người thch xả rc, ph phch v lm hại thin nhin. Nhưng cc chị Trưởng hướng đạo dạy chng em những điều g mnh nn lm khi sống ở ngoi trời. Cc chị dạy cho chng em phải biết ăn mặc như thế no để thch nghi với thời tiết, như l mặc quần o nhẹ v mt trong ma H v mặc quần o dầy v ấm trong ma Đng. Sau đ chng em học nhm lửa v thi đua với nhau. Trong cuộc thi ny mnh phải lm sao để đội mnh l đội đầu tin đốt chy sợi dy. Đội của em đ dựng củi theo cấu trc log cabin v chng em đ đoạt giải nhất. Sau khi học xong, chng em được nghỉ để ăn trưa. Sau khi ăn xong, chng em rửa chn thật l vui.

Sau đ chng em học thắt nt dy. Chng em học nt dẹt v nt thỏ. Em nghĩ n cũng khng kh lắm. Tiếp theo đ, chng em học nướng bnh bng lan trong một ci box oven. Mỗi em hướng đạo sinh đều phải lm việc. Em đỗ bột bnh vo trong một ci khun. Sau đ, chng em được thưởng thức bnh bng lan thật l ngon. Cuối cng, chng em học mn Cứu Thương. Mỗi em girl scout tự lm cho mnh một hộp Cứu Thương nhỏ gồm 2 miếng band-aids, một cy Q-tip v một số găng tay. Vừa rời khỏi trại, em đ thấy nhớ trại rồi v em đ học được nhiều điều hay v đa vui với cc bạn.



Last week, I went to our Day Camp at Kelley Park and I learned how to live outdoor and how to make a square knot. Also, I learned how to make a fire and how to cook outdoor without using a stove. At 2:00 pm, we visited the Japanese Garden which was so beautiful and we had a good time.



What I like about Girl Scouts is everything. I like the games and the field trips. I like the Japanese Garden. We always have fun and we dont forget to learn new things!!! Thats why I like Girl Scouts!



At the camporee, I learned how to make muffins, how to build a first aid kit, how to behave in the outdoors, how to make a fire, and how to dress properly. I met lots of girls I have never met before. I also met some of my classmates. I also saw deers, troop leaders, rocks, food, trees, my troop members, and the cadettes.

We ate lunch and then we had to wash the bowls, forks, spoons, and clean up our campsite. We learned knots too. We learned the square knot and another knot. It was very fun to learn and to wash dishes.



Last month, I went to Hidden Falls for the Service Unit 21 camporee. I learned how to build a fire, how to bake muffins, how to dress for the winter and for the summer, and how to protect nature in the forest. There are many other fun activities for us. When we are done eating, we have to wash the dishes and dry them.

We got on another activity called First Aid. That activity helps people feels better when they get injured. Everybody has a book about serious injuries. We have a box that has gloves, antibiotic band-aid, and Clorox wipes. And then we went on another activity call tying knots. There are different kinds of knots to try. They are called tree knots and rabbit knots. It was hard and then I did it. We went to another activity to bake muffins. When we are done with that, we took a picture and I went home.



Today I had lots of fun. We had to play games that teach us important things. At first, we played a race. First, the leader says cold weather or hot weather. Next, the person needs to wear the right clothes and run off and touch the stone. Finally, tag the next person. The second activity was outdoor manners. We learned not to litter, not to get out of the trail and other stuff. After that, we had lunch. I liked the soup. When we were done, we had 3 more activities. But, it was with the same leaders. The next activity was how to make muffins with a box oven. We each got a blueberry muffin that we baked ourselves. Next, we did First Aid. We made a book that gives us information that tells us what to do. Then, we made a kit of first aid materials. Finally, the last activity was how to tie knots. When were done, we thought it was fun. After that, we went home.



(Hoa - LĐ Việt Nữ - San Jose CA USA)


The Cadette camporee took place from May 9th to May 11th at Skylark Ranch. This camporee was full of fun. I learned many things while at the same time, I made lots of friends. There were some activities that I really enjoyed, like: the fire building and into the woods.

I really enjoyed the fire building because its fire! Haha, I enjoy handling fire. Its pretty fun building a fire. During the event, there is a rush of confidence building up inside me as I make the fire. Having the troop, and other combining troop with my troop yelling and supporting my fellow girl scouts and me makes me feel really good. I was in charge of making the log cabin structure for our fire, and I think I did pretty well for my first time actually on the fire building team. At first, when the fire was burning, I saw another troops 2nd string fall already, and I was like oh man, we couldve been 1st place. But right then our second string burned and we ended up 2nd place, which was pretty good.

Then the next event that I enjoyed was Into the Woods. I was the only girl there without my measurements; so I was a little bit nervous, I forgot to measure myself; how am I going to help out? Luckily, the other girls on the team had their measurements, and they did a lot. But then, I learned a lot from them because they showed me how to measure a tree using our arm-lengths and how to measure a flag pole using our body lengths. Into the Woods was the event that my troop and troop 90 had gotten 1st place.

What I also enjoy about this camporee are the songs I learned there. There was a singer, Bob, who always comes to our girl scout camporees, and teaches us beautiful songs. The ones that I liked the best were: Johnny Rebeck, and Radioactive Frogs. Those songs were funny and enjoyable. The senior girl scouts also taught us a lot of songs. There were the Bazooka Bubble Gum song, the Donut Shop song, and the Moose song. I wish I could still remember them but I just cant for some reason.

These are the memories at the Cadette Camporee that I will never forget. I had a lot of pleasure of going to this camporee and I hope to come again next year. In the future, I want to hopefully become a senior helper, and teach those songs to the younger girls.



(Ho LĐ Việt Nữ - San Jose CA USA)

(Translation by TMP)


Trại Thiếu Nữ được tổ chức từ ngy mng 9 đến 11 thng 5 ở Skylark Ranch. Đy l một kỳ trại thật l vui nhộn. Em c dịp học hỏi được nhiều điều th vị v lm quen với nhiều bạn mới. Em đặc biệt thch tr chơi Nhm Lửa v Đi Trong Rừng.

Đng vậy, em rất thch tr chơi Nhm Lửa tại vi đ l Lửa!!! Em lm lửa thật l ho hứng v say m. Trong lc lm lửa em cảm thấy lng mnh dng ln một niềm tự tin. Cc bạn trong đon của em v cc đon bạn reo h cổ v chng em khiến em thấy thật phấn khởi. Em được phn cng xy một cấu trc log cabin cho đội v em thấy mnh lm việc kh tốt, mặc d đy l lần đầu tin em tham gia cuộc thi nhm lửa. Rồi khi ngọn lửa của đội em bốc chy th em thấy sợi dy thứ hai của đội bạn đ bốc chy v rơi xuống. Lc đ em thật tiếc v đng lẻ đội em đ về nhất rồi. Cuối cng th đội em được về nh; như vậy cũng kh lắm.

Ngoi ra, em cũng thch tr chơi Đi Trong Rừng. Em l một đội vin duy nhất khng c mang theo những số đo của mnh. Em cảm thấy bối rối v em đ qun tự lấy số đo của mnh trước nn em khng biết mnh sẽ gip đội ra sao. Rất may l cc bạn khc trong đội đều c mang theo rất nhiều số đo của họ. Do đ em đ học được nhiều điều ở cc bạn. Cc bạn dạy em đo một ci cy dựa trn số đo của một sải tay của cc bạn. Em cũng học đo chiều cao của cột cờ dựa trn chiều cao của mnh. Đội của em đ đoạt gải nhất trong tr chơi Đi Trong Rừng ny.

Hơn nữa, em cũng rất thch những bi ht em được học ở trại. C một ca sỉ tn l Bob. ng thường đến thăm Trại Thiếu Nữ của chng em để dạy cho chng em nhiều bi ht hay. Em thich nhất những bi ht như: Johnny Rebeck, Radioactive Frogs l những bi ht rất vui nhộn. Cc chị Thanh Nữ cũng dạy cho chng em nhiều bi ht hay như: Bazooka Bubble Gum, The Donut Shop v The Moose. Em ước g em c thể thuộc hết tất cả cc bi ht đ; nhưng khng hiểu sao em khng nhớ được.

Trại Thiếu Nữ c rất nhiều kỷ niệm đẹp khiến em ghi nhớ mi. Em rất vui sướng được tham gia kỳ trại ny v em hy vọng sang năm sẽ trở lại đy. Trong tương lai, em hy vọng sẽ l một Thanh Nữ tham gia trong Ban Quản Trại để dạy lại cho cc em nhỏ những bi ca đ.

Phuong Khoa

I enjoyed very much our Service Unit 21 camporee. There was a lot of fun. I participated in many different events and I also cooked with my friends. My favorite activities were learning first aid and outdoor cooking. In first aid, we learned about safety and first aid tips for things like nose bleeds and insect stings. We made our own little first aid booklet and decorated our own mini first aid kit. In outdoor cooking, we learned to make muffins and bake them in a box oven. I also enjoyed making swaps and swaping them with other Girl Scouts. I had a great time at the Service Unit 21 camporee and I'm looking forward to going again next year.




Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thank you everyone for coming to this evenings banquet. As you know, today is our troops 2nd year anniversary and also our Parents Day celebration!

Our troop has grown strong these past 2 years and will grow stronger in the years after. Thank you all Parents, Leaders and Scouts for supporting our troop. We wouldnt have gone this far without everyone. Scouting is a place where we learn and enjoy ourselves. Here in girl scouts, we feel like we are a part of something meaningful. It makes us feel quite special. At the beginning, our Parents put us in scouting even though we didnt want to. But now we are thankful for being here with our sister girl scouts today. May our troop grow stronger!

We also would like to thank our Parents for being with us through everything, from just teaching us how to tie our shoes to supporting us and advising us with all our decisions. Without you, we wouldnt be who we are today. You give us love and kindness to help us grow strong and independent. Thank you Parents for all your love and care!


Happy Parents Day & Happy Anniversary Lien Doan Viet Nu!