Things To Do This YearÖ


Smile more!

Listen more intently.

Watch a child discover something new.

Do something totally silly once in a while!

Take responsibility for all your actions.

Make room for new friends.

Be free with compliments.

Encourage someone every day.

Tell people you love that you love them.

Read for fifteen minutes a day.

Call old friends and catch up on their lives.

Have a cookout in the middle of winter.

Be less critical of others.

Volunteer for a good cause.

Donít look for someone else to blame when you are unhappy.

Learn from your everyday failures.

Pray more and worry less!

Be quick to forgive others and learn to forgive yourself.

Whatever you do, give it your best shot!

Donít gossip.

Accept help when itís offered.

Bury your prejudices.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Treat yourself to something expensive or fattening occasionally!

Learn a new dance.

Be generous not only with money but with time.

Challenge your body and your brain.

Look at the picture and donít sweat the small stuff!


Watch the sunset and realize

That just as no two sunsets are alike

So are you a unique and beautiful creation!


Live your life this year in a way

You can look back on it fondly

And without regrets

And make this the