Ten Suggestions to Improving Family Relationships

By Janice Campbell 

1.  Always say less than you think, and when you do say something, remember that how you say it is more important sometimes than what you actually say.

2.  Donít make too many promises, and the ones you do make, be sure to faithfully carry them out, at whatever cost.

3.  Always find something encouraging to say about somebody.

4.  Be genuinely interested in others.

5.  Be cheerful. Donít burden others with your minor aches and pains (what you focus on tends to increase).

6.  Keep an open mind.

7.  Let your virtues speak for themselves.

8.  Be careful of one anotherís feelings.

9.  Ignore the negative remarks made about you.

10.  Do your best and be patient. Your time will come.