Journey of Life Together
        This was a real story about a son and a father. They ran together. Rick Hoyt was born as a disabled boy because of a misfortune at birth. He couldn’t talk or walk with his parents. His dad, Dick Hoyt, couldn’t play baseball with his son. However, Dick Hoyt and his wife wanted a normal life for their son. Therefore, they sent him to a public school where Rick was equipped with a special computer in order to learn how to write his thoughts. When he was fifteen years old, Rick let his dad know that he wanted to participate in a five - mile benefit RUN. Dick Hoyt was not a runner, but he loved his son so much that he put Rick in a wheelchair and then they ran together. This was the first time that Rick was very happy because he did not feel handicapped. Gradually, the son and the dad competed in marathons and triathlons. They traveled 3,770 miles across America with difficulty and patience.
       In summary, Rick and Dick were a special team. Rick couldn’t race without his dad, and Dick wouldn’t race without his beloved son. They have run together and have moved a lot of people around the world.